Who We Are?

INAS SIVUS INDIA is an independent, not for profit, non-government organization working for the welfare of persons with intellectual disability. It has been founded by like-minded professionals with the sole aim of empowering persons with an intellectual disability.

SIVUS is the abbreviation of the Swedish term social Individ Via Utveckling I samverkan, which means Socio-Individual Development through co-operation. This is the method for giving support to the Intellectually Challenged so that they can function as independently as possible, both individually and socially. Sports is one of the medium or method which is used to empower persons with intellectual disability to function as Independently as possible and to include them in the main-stream of the society.

Our Beliefs

“To live according to one’s own conditions and demands, to one’s own idea from one’s needs, interests, desires, demands, through one’s own striving activity, effort to one’s own experiences and results” to achieve integration and normalization.

Principle Of Normalization

Persons with intellectual disability are members of society entitled to the

  1. Same rights
  2. Opportunities and
  3. Duties as everyone else.

They are not special, but have specific needs.

In Sports this means that, an individual with intellectual disability has the right, desire and choice to play a sport of his or her choice at the level they desire.

Whom do we work for?


  1. The Benefit
  2. The Upliftment
  3. The Welfare And
  4. To Empower Persons with Intellectual disability(associated conditions), Down Syndrome and Autism


  1. To promote the welfare of special Needs Persons regardless of the category of the Disability irrespective of caste, colour, creed, communities or race.
  2. To develop a better public understanding of the needs of persons with disability.
  3. To promote sports, Recreational activities and games in district, State, National and International Level.



  1. The Member Organisation of Virtus WIIS in India
  2. Affiliated to the Paralympic Committee India (PCI)

Governing Body And Management Committee

Governing Body

Management Committee

Prof K.R. Venkatesha



General Secretary

Kenneth L Powell

Hon. Sports Director

Dr.D.G. Chaudhary

Vice President – Central Zone

Chairman/Founder – Sports Movement for Persons with Intellectual Disability. Gujarat

Asok Chakraborthy

Vice President – North Zone

Founder of Shelter School for Persons with Intellectual Disability, Hoogly, West Bengal

Christopher Martin

Vice President – South Zone

Founder of Home for Persons with Intellectual Disability

Aaron Richard

National Director