We at INAS SIVUS INDIA believe in Sports Beyond dis Ability. All our activities have been initiated with the sole objective providing an opportunity for all. Through Sports we intend to bring all-round development in ab Individual. Sports is a medium we use to guide and help an individual to live a life as independent as possible according to his own ability. Everyone deserves an opportunity and the initiatives have been designed in two formats.

Format 1

The events will be adapted to the ability of the athletes. However, we will ensure that not many changes are made so in order to maintain the format and identity of the sport. There will also be events which will be fun for the children. Here, the importance is given to participation , however , there will only one gold, one silver & one bronze medalist and consolation prizes will be given to the participants.

Format 2

The events will be that which is available internationally, therefore our athletes will have more no. of events to compete in. The rules and regulations followed will be that of Virtus WIIS, IPC and the respective International Sport Federation. There will be no relaxation of rules. However, there might be very small adaptations which will be in accordance with Virtus and IPC. The categories or classification of athletes followed will be that of VIRTUS WIIS. There will only one gold, one silver & one bronze medalist.


School Sports

Training will be imparted at Special School to Special Educators and Students. The objective of this initiative is make sports available from a young age for the students. This will keep the students fit, strong, healthy and attentive in class. Also, we will be able to identify talent at a young age and nurture their skills and talent.

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Inter-School Sports

The objective is to conduct Inter-school competitions between specials schools. The games will be designed for all students to be able to participate. By doing so, the students get exposure to competition from school level.

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Sports Academy

This initiative is an after school program for persons with intellectual disability and their siblings. We focus on fitness and skill training. An individuals ability and talent will be identified and we will help the individual to improve their skills and guide them in a sport they will be good at. This initiative will also help in creating a good bond between the siblings.

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Coaching Camps

Coaching camps are conducted during term holidays or prolonged holidays. Skill training is provided at these coaching camps and we identify talent and guide them to improve their skills to be able to go on to participate in National and International Events. They are taught to be independent, leadership skills and self-care skills are also taught.
Selection Coaching Camps are conducted to select athletes for International events. There will be a series of coaching camps for every international events.

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Coaching Clinics

The coaching clinics will be held at regular intervals for professionals in the field of sports and special educators. This will enable coaches to learn more about how to train persons with intellectual disability and for special educators to learn about the sports disciplines. We need to work together for the benefit of persons with intellectual disabilities.

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National Championships

City Games

The City Games will be held every year with the sole objective of providing an opportunity for all athletes with intellectual disability and associated conditions. The City Games will have 2 or more Sport Disciplines or it can conducted even in One Sport Discipline such as Athletics.

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State Games

The State Games will be held once in two years. The state games cannot be held in the same year as the National Games. However, there can be exceptions which will be decided at the time of the prevailing situation. It would be ideal to conduct the State Games in as many Sport Disciplines as possible.

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National Games

The National Games will be held once in two years. The National Games will be held in the year following the year in which the State Games was held. Efforts will be made to include as many sport disciplines as possible.

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Individual Sport Championships

Apart from the above mentioned Games, there can also be other Games conducted, for eg: Summer Games. This can be done to ensure to constant activities for the athletes to ensure consistency and improvement in performance.

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International Championships

  1. Regional Games
  2. World Championships
  3. Global Games


Seminars will be organized to create awareness and to educate regarding the different opportunities available for persons with an intellectual disability, down syndrome & autism

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