Athlete Registration

Our objective is to create opportunities for ALL irrespective of One’s disability. Everyone is entitled to play a sport as per their choice, desire and ability. It can be for leisure/recreation or for competition. For the benefit of the athletes and for opportunities for ALL, there are

THREE levels of Registration/Eligibility in INAS SIVUS INDIA i.e.

Provisional Registration | National Registration | International Registration.

*Please go through the different Levels of Registration and Apply accordingly

The International Registration form used by Virtus WIIS has been developed after research and to adhere with the International Paralympic Committee. The same format is being used for Provisional and National Registration as well. The Athlete Applications will be first received by the respective State Member and will be forwarded to Eligibility, INAS SIVUS INDIA by the respective State Member. The procedure and documents required for Athlete Registration is that as required by Virtus WIIS and the International Paralympic Committee.

Provisional registration is the first level of registration. With Provisional Registration, the athletes are eligible to participate in INAS SIVUS INDIA City, State and National Games which is aimed at encouraging participation. The Athletes WILL NOT be ELIGIBLE for competitive INAS SIVUS INDIA State & National Games, Paralympic State & National games and International Games. There is no registration fee for Provisional Registration. The Athlete Application form is the same for Provisional and National registration. The athlete can upgrade to National registration at any point of time by submitting the required documents. Time taken by INAS SIVUS INDIA to process the application for Provisional Eligibility is one – two weeks.

The procedure for registration has been made online. Kindly find the link below.

National Registration is the second level of registration. With National Registration, the athlete will be Eligible to participate in competitive games i.e. Sivus India State & National Games and Paralympic State and National Games. The athlete will have to apply for PCI Licence to participate in Paralympic Games within India. The documents to be submitted for National Registration are more detailed in nature. The procedure followed is the same as prescribed by Virtus WIIS and International Paralympic Committee. The Athlete Application form is the same for Provisional and National registration. At any point of time the athlete can upgrade from National to International registration. Time taken by INAS SIVUS INDIA to process the application for National Eligibility is two – four weeks. There is a nominal registration fee and annual renewal fee.

The procedure for registration has been made online. Kindly find the link below.

International Registration is the third level of registration. To apply for International Registration, an athlete will first have to apply for National registration and then only can one apply for International Registration. With International Registration, an athlete is eligible to compete in Virtus Regional and World Championships. The athlete is also eligible to apply for IPC Licence through the Paralympic Committee of India. The documents to be submitted are same as submitted for National Registration. For International Registration, TSAL (Training Sports Activity Limitations) is also to be submitted which is one of the requirements of the International Paralympic Committee. TSAL is an online form to be filled by the Coach of the Athlete. Time taken by Virtus to process the application for International Eligibility is one month – 3 months. There is a registration fee and a yearly renewal fee to be paid to Virtus.

The procedure for registration has been made online. Kindly find the link below.


Paralympic Committee of India (PCI) Licence


An Athlete can participate in the Para-Games in India only after registering with the respective State Chapter of PCI and PCI. Therefore, for an Athlete to participate in Para-Games in India, he/she will have to have (i) Apply for National Registration with SIVUS INDIA, (ii) Register with the respective State Chapter and (iii) Register with PCI. The above mentioned is compulsory for an athlete to participate in the Para-Games in India. For more details regarding PCI Licence contact Paralympic Committee of India.
[email protected]

IPC Licence and classification


An Athlete can participate in the International Paralympic games, only if he/she holds an IPC Licence and is Classified by the IPC. The Athlete Will Have to complete a Sport Classification (classification in the sport in which the athlete will be competing) by the IPC. Therefore, for an athlete to participate in the international Paralympic Games, the following is mandatory

  1. Should be registered with INAS SIVUSS INDIA and status should be active

  2. Should be registered with Virtus World Intellectual Impairment Sport and status should be active

  3. Should be registered with Paralympic Committee of India and status should be active

  4. Should Apply for IPC Licence and Classificationthrough the Paralympic Committee of India

For more details on IPC Classification, visit

Athlete Eligibility

What is Intellectual Impairment?

Intellectual Impairment is a disability characterized by significant limitations in both

  1. intellectual functioning (learning, problem solving, judgement)
  2. adaptive behavior (activities of daily life such as communication and independent living)
  3. originates before the age of 18.

What is Eligibility?

The eligibility criteria define the minimum impairment necessary to compete as an athlete with an intellectual disability

Eligibility, concerns ensuring that the athlete has intellectual impairments, which then allows the individual to compete in Virtus & INAS SIVUS INDIA events. For more details, click here to download the document.

Virtus has a formal contract with the International Paralympic Committee such that eligibility is managed by Virtus and therefore no athlete can compete in any Paralympic event in the category of intellectual impairment unless they have been approved as eligible by Virtus. If and when the athlete is approved by Virtus, then the athlete will have to apply to the International Paralympic Committee for classification through the Paralympic Committee of India.

Process of Eligibility

National Eligibility

International Eligibility

What is Down Syndrome?

WHO defines Down Syndrome as ’an intellectual impairment ‘caused by extra genetic material in chromosome 21’.

Down syndrome occurs when an individual has an extra partial (or whole) copy of chromosome 21. It is not yet known why this syndrome occurs, but Down syndrome has always been a part of the human condition. It exists in all regions across the globe and commonly results in variable effects on learning styles, physical characteristics and health

Adequate access to health care, to early intervention programmes, and to inclusive education, as well as appropriate research, are vital to the growth and development of the individual.

Athlete’s with Autism (no Intellectual Impairment)

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as it is now commonly known, is defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as ‘a group of complex brain development disorders. This umbrella term covers conditions such as autism and Asperger syndrome. These disorders are characterised by difficulties in social interaction and communication and a restricted and repetitive repertoire of interests and activities’ (WHO Autism Q&R Factsheet, 2016 (

For more information about the definition and assessment of intellectual impairment, visit:

  1. American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities -
  2. Virtus Eligibility Policy –
  3. Classification Code -
  4. World Health Organisation -
  5. Global Down Syndrome Foundation -
  6. Interactive Autism Network -

Athlete Categories


For INAS SIVUS INDIA events, depending on the number of participants for that particular event, a decision will be taken if to have a separate category for athletes with intellectual disability & autism.

International Paralympic Committee & Paralympic Committee of India (NPC India)

Sports Disciplines


Athletics (Track & Field) Category II1, II2, II3
Basketball (Men & Women) Category II1
Cricket (Men) Category II1
Cycling (Men & Women) Category II1, II2, II3
Equestrian (Men & Women) Category II1
Football/Futsal (Men & Women) Category II1
Handball (Men & Women) Category II1
Rowing (Men & Women) Category II1
Skiing (Men & Women) Category II1
Swimming (Men & Women) Category II1, II2, II3
Table Tennis (Men & Women) Category II1, II2, II3
Tennis (Men & Women) Category II1
Golf (Men & Women) Category II1
Sailing (Men & Women) Category II1
Para-Hockey (Men & Women) Category II1
Taekwondo (Poomsae) (Men & Women) Category II1, II2, II3

International Paralympic Games

 Para – Athletics
Para – Swimming
    Para – Table Tennis


In India, INAS SIVUS INDIA is open to include other Sport Disciplines which are not available Internationally. If there are participants, then the sport discipline can be included in City, State and National Games.